Inline posting a large animated gif?

I’ve been trying to link this gif from imgur, and it works in preview, and then immediately after post. But then it reverts to a simple link as here: Computer-generated maps imagine America redivided into equal-population areas

It’s too large for BBS hosting. This is the 1st time I’ve made a gif like this so any advice is appreciated.

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Yes, to prevent exploding people’s mobile plans we suppress (click to view) any extra large gifs.


Can you tell me the limit? I saw there was an upload limit, but not an explicit link limit. Maybe I can downsize it to fit either by framerate or resolution.

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Oh, well thats a good reason. Carry on.

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I think its the same ~3MB.

If you are asking for advice on the GIF, what’s killing you in filesize cost is the fade-out between the two states.

I know, but it’s far less effective without it.

Right but a fade out that generates all those unique transitional transparent states is seriously bad mojo for animated GIF. Even a quick side wipe would be far better since some percentage of the image would be identical to the previous frame as the wipe progresses.

Or make a real video using a real mp4 codec, etc, then link that. Or Youtube.

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We are reworking the visual indicator here when this happens since I think we could do a lot better.

All right let’s try now that I pushed a new build here:

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Thanks for trying, but the fade was so far out of reach, 2 orders of magnitude in fact, I just did without.

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OK it looks better and clearer now




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