Inside the mind of an intrepid record collector

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“I got addicted,” he says. “It was bigger than me.”

Sad, but true.

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Over the past few years, various companies have been dropping out of the optical drive manufacturing market and it looks as though the world leader in optical drive manufacture, Taiyo Yuden, will cease production later in 2015. We should ask ourselves what this means for audio, as once the audio CD slips into obscurity, for the first time in the history of recording, audio will have no dedicated format of its own. Sure, you can save audio as WAV files or MP3s onto generic data devices either on local storage or somebody’s cloud, but many of my clients still want to take away a CD they can hold in their hand. Audio is important, so doesn’t it deserve a format that can be used to archive it in a way that can be replayed by future generations?

“Disc Assessment.” Paul White, Sound On Sound, September 2015.

The Retro CD movement of 2020.
MP3’s just don’t have the heart of a CD.

Well, they don’t have the quality, but there’s FLAC so we can just consign MP3 to space-starved portables now.

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