Inside the sensual world of ASMRotica

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People with ASMR say that soft soothing sounds - whispers, gentle tapping, breathing, crinking - can produce pleasant tingles in their body

Cats have apparently discovered the internet and are posing as people!


I imagine this one also um, does it for some folks.

This one does it for the Wife and I, every time…


I just laughed so hard I choked on my own saliva.


Well, my wife’s voice can play me like a fiddle, so I’m inclined to believe these folks. But Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response has got to be the least erotic term everz. I mean how many times have you heard, you had me at autonomous?

“Several months ago, through ASMR groups and forums, I started to notice an emerging demand for erotic ASMR,” explained Laila…

Okay, back me up on this, bros. Is it only women who would be aware of ASMR for months or years and not think Rule 34 instantly? Are there a lot of ASMR videos simulating the experience of receiving a massage, or has my limited experience of ASMR videos been unrepresentative? Is erotica a subgenre of ASMR, or is it the same old ASMR with practitioners who are honest with themselves and/or with their audience about what the main attraction is?

Never mind. I’ll be over here reading Playboy, just for the articles.

I’m a dude who gets the tingle.

It isn’t necessarily erotic, but it can easily be. It’s kind of like…music in that way. It can be all sorts of things, including erotic. It could even be kind of terrifying in the right environment.

I don’t get a lot of tingle from Laila Love’s stuff, personally. There may be a broader segment of the populace grabbing the ASMR vibe and just slapping it on stuff that is supposed to be more erotic to begin with. Like, “this is a video of me in my underpants talking softly to you, it’s ASMR, THAT’S A THING, IT’S NOT JUST EROTICA,” but dude, maybe it’s just erotica, and that’s cool, too?


Dog bless you!



I had to stop. The combination of my uncontrollable laughter and these sounds were making my neighbors stare.

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I often just put these videos on in the background when I’m doing other things. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear a feminine voice speaking softly.

Given that the ASMR stuff on Youtube is dominated by very conventionally attractive young women simulating various forms of intimacy (various forms of touching, especially around the face and head, despite it being purely visual and presumably defeating the purpose of ASMR), I had always assumed that more overtly sexually charged versions must exist, especially after reading the comments on those videos…

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