Insulin prices spike by 1123%, sending parents to the black market to keep their kids alive

Guys how else is the US supposed to eradicate poverty and diseases? Once all the sick poor people die everything will be all better.


This situation is indeed fucked up, but can I point out that this is really one of the weirdest infographics I’ve ever seen. Does this convey anything at all that the text of the article can’t? Does it provide some insight the English language doesn’t afford? And, really, are we sure that the blame only runs clockwise? I bet the PBM has a few choices words about the Drugmakers, too.

And, now that I think about it, the insurer is really pointing the finger right back at himself, bypassing the other two parties. The blame never stops anywhere else.


Best picture of 2017

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One thing I didn’t quite get - is she allergic to the delayed/mixed insulin types you typically inject, or also to the assorted other types of fast-acting pump-friendly insulins? I understood it as the former - that is, she needs any fast-acting, and the entire class (humalog, novorapid, what have you) are silly expensive in the US - but it’s kind of left open.

Not that it matters, really; it’s disturbingly dysfunctional anyway. (The boyfriend is type 1 and we’re Norwegian. Our annoyances with the details of treatment here seem very first-world problems in comparison.)


His snark-meter is proprietary, and his PBM won’t cover the correct snark-strips for testing.


Was this photo chosen for its belly WTF-face?


it already has!

God bless the invisible hand!



Meanwhile, in Canada:


When the Dalai Lama was asked what he thought of Western civilization, he smiled and said it was a good idea.

Proud is not a term you use when you read about money over life. But don’t blame the manufactures, they have a legal obligation to the shareholders to make as much profit as possible.

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I believe that’s a Ghandi quote, not a Dalai Lama one?


My humalog has gone up from about $50 to about $70, per 1500 unit box, or about 3% per year since I started buying it. Plus, it’s always been 1/3 cheaper than the Lantus I’m also on. That’s also Canadian dollars.

That’s way cheaper! Mine’s about $300 US for 1,000 units. Yours is like $35 for 1,000 units!


Real Dalai Dan quotes tend to be either vacuous platitudes or blatant bigotry.

Edward Tufte is crying in his beer over how awful that chart is. I have no idea what is trying to express either.

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It might not matter; my stepson is type 1 and he needs both types. Fortunately we have excellent insurance; I just hope he gets to stay on it past his 18th birthday.

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The clock is also ticking on the Apidra patents. I’m not sure which ones have to fall before generics are possible.

Sanofi is a highly political organization. They regularly send emails to the entire staff within a region demanding that they vote for political candidates or parties or risk losing their employment. Since it is possible in my state to see, house by house who voted for which party, this threat of job loss is very real unless Sanofi disguise their residences very, very carefully.

Doesn’t have to be patents stopping it.

Waste of the earth’s precious air and water Martin Shkreli managed to block sales of a drug long out of patent by hiking the prices as much as 56,000%.

Patents are just one tool in the arsenal.

Oh also:

And people in hell want icewater. It’s impossible to clear his name because what he did was a crime against humanity. Objectively.


Something I learned last year - if someone is considered disabled by a doctor, they can remain on their parents insurance past 26. There is a ‘disabled dependent’ form that you have to fill out (the dependent fills out one page, the doctor fills out another) for the insurance company. Of course, they won’t tell you about it, and a lot of people don’t know about it, so you have to hunt around or ask the right people to find the form.

And the normal online forms that you fill out for insurance every year tend to throw validation errors and refuse to submit if you put your child’s real birthdate, because they don’t take that exception into account. The proper solution, as it turns out, is to lie about the birthdate on those forms so that they’ll go through, and also send in the exception form. Bureaucracy in action.


What? There’s no secret ballot in your state?