Mississippi state rep tells distraught mom to buy kid's lifesaving meds "with money she earns"


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He can die in a fire. I’ll piss on him afterwards.




Christ, what a Republican.


For all intents and purposes, it is the literal equivalent of “let them eat cake”.


A commenter on the OP site shared this:

This is going well for Jeff. You would have thought the message would be out by now: if you’re a complete douchebag, avoid being so on viral capable media like video or text.


I guess that state rep doesn’t remember how ‘well’ that attitude turned out for the French aristocracy…


And don’t buy them cheaply from overseas, either! The only people who are allowed to outsource their purchases are corporations buying cheap labor!


Of course, if he gets diabetes, he’d be getting his medication from the government regardless of whether he could afford it or not. It’s just not right for her daughter to do the same.



On another note, 2000$ seems high for insulin cartridges.
Is there some sort of monopoly thing going on in her state?


What a bunch of lazy moochers. Why, I’ve been making my OWN insulin ever since I was a second-trimester fetus.


Yeah, if the poors could just stop being poor, that’d be great.


I mean, even though that line was ginned up to support sending the rich there :wink:

In frustration, she wrote to three of her state reps, two of whom were concerned and helpful, and one of whom, State Rep. Jeffrey Guice [R-Ocean Springs] sent her a short message reading, "I am sorry for your problem. Have you thought about buying the supplies with money that you earn?"
"One Third of Mississppians Assholes, study concludes"


It’s not unrealistic. Insulin costs have been skyrocketing. Even plain old N and R is $135 a vial these days. Just 5 years ago it was under $50.

Once you get into the “high end” (as in, modern) treatments the costs ramp up even further. The companies making it have a monopoly and aren’t afraid to exploit it.


Why wait?


I don’t want any chance of putting out the fire.


Hey, watch your language.


This fails on so many levels. Monopolies, outsourcing, outrageous prices, Medicaid foul-up, and douchebag Republican politicians. Not to mention our letting people get poor enough that they need help even with two jobs.


Basically that’s how this country treats medical costs. Buy insurance with money you make (or have a job that includes medical insurance but still you probably have to chip in). And pay for any ACTUAL medical costs with the money you make. Not covered? Too expensive? Oh well - that’s your problem! It’s the American way.

Edit: the old and the poor and the disabled get the medicare or medicaid but that leaves plenty of expenses uncovered.