Interested in hand-lettering? Here's a book for you

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I want the Art Nouveau version of this book.


While I was at Military Academy, far from friends, my dearest good friend would write me weekly in these types of lettering. All by hand, and meticulously done. I have them all, and this weekend with large pot of coffee I shall enjoy them again. Thanks for the remembering BB.


God I miss hand-lettered signs being the norm. Butchers and grocers that still paint their specials on their windows give me way too much of a kick.


Is it just me or does hand lettering seem more fun and useful than calligraphy? Though calligraphy is a form of hand lettering, I don’t see myself updating ancient manuscripts or restaurant menus anytime soon.


A fantastic book! Hand lettering and sign painting often go hand in hand, and the beauty of old signs is something not often equalled in today’s mostly computerized world. The remaining sign painters are in demand, thankfully, but I hope others will take up the craft before it disappears.

Anyone who’s within range of Cincinnati owes it to themselves to go visit the American Sign Museum (, by the way. It’s an experience not to be missed and Tod (the guy who runs it) is a national treasure.


Ivan Castro’s book is excellent! Get it. If you are still ravenous for more fantastic lettering instruction, pre-order this House Industries book; Ken Barber is The Best…

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