Internet of Things botnet threatens to knock the entire country of Liberia offline

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There are massive, serious, problems with Internet security, and IoT is one of them that people in security have been making noise about since it was called “embedded systems”. (That was back in the late 90’s was it not?)

Now the attacks everybody in the industry said were far too easy then, have become lowest common denominator enough that they are happening now. Can we drum up support from those outside the industry, without making stupid claims that inflate what actually happened?

then there was the infrastructure attack that took out Level 3, Netflix, Twitter, Dyn, and many more of the internet’s best-defended services.

This is crap Cory. You talk about best-defended services on the net, but why didn’t they use redundant DNS across a wider geographic region? What about the TTLs for the DNS records? You’re pressing for public awareness of IoT issues, but at the same time playing down the rapid development / “dynamic content” attitudes of providers that make them vulnerable. Don’t be so one sided.

ETA: Yeah, if someone goes after Liberia they’re hosed. (for a time.) Don’t make the “state of the art” sound like it has been more security focused than it has.

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The standard government response to people circumventing security seems to be to legislate against it in a manner that fails to target the problem and instead hits everyone else with some crap. I can’t see there being legislation against poor IoT security; partly because of share price and partly because everything is made in China anyway.

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It’s a broader problem than where devices are made, but where they are deployed as well. I don’t see anything in the linked article regarding government solutions, or legislation. Are you just piling on?

The good news for that business is since publishing my Medium post, all attacks on Liberia have ceased.

No, “atacks have ceased” is not good news. “Attacks have been stopped” would be good news.


Just piling on. :wink:

We spend more on defense than most people can fathom. Yet when we get attacked we have no defense. Take note politicians, there is a boatload of cash at stake.

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There’s a Bong Town in Liberia? Who knew?

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As far as defense goes, we’ve been spending, what, gazillions on a Maginot line of things like the F-35 while in fact the threat is from elsewhere.

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