Internet star Natalie Tran discusses Asian representation in the media

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Would it kill anyone to have more ethnic diversity in protagonists in film and TV fiction? You don’t even have to make a big deal out of it or probably change anything else about the story or the character in the first place. Just acknowledge that nonwhites are important sometimes, too.


Not knowing how preference really shakes out, you would think that ‘male gaze’ would prefer a variety of women from outside the ethnic/genitic grouping for evolutionary advantage, same reason as fertile appearing secondary sexual characteristics(boobies!) are preferred. Not that playing only to the reptilian levels of the male mind are going to get us forward to an egalitarian society.

All part of the Master Plan. That’s why the Japanese are making such strides in robot technology.

Is there a transcript?

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Seems like that’s reasonable and easy to do… yet you suggest it, and some people start screaming about reverse racism, etc.

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Which is as absurd as the more insidious “nothing against the idea, but our audience wouldn’t identify as much with the character”-style racism lite that seems to be the norm.


Much of the whitebread impulse in film production probably stems from the requirement to pander to the MPAA, which is basically Catholics, Mormons and the NRA, who don’t want folks sympathising with anyone even slightly weird. See This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

BTW, <3 funny, smart, gorgeous Natalie Tran


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