Internet 'Threat-sharing' bill introduced in U.S. House. The promise: security. The reality: surveillance


Cyber attacks and theft have cost this country billions of dollars and thousands of jobs…

That’s exactly false. No employee was ever fired due to hackerizing, except perhaps in very very small companies. If Target gets hacked, the shareholders take a hit, and probably the executives, and hooray for that. But they don’t lay off cashiers.

You know why not? Because businesses aren’t charities, and they don’t hire workers as a way of getting rid of extra money. They hire as many workers as demand requires, for maximum profit, and losing data to hackers doesn’t change that (very much.)

In fact, every high-profile hacking episode means more IT jobs, plus jobs drafting and mailing letters to customers, plus a new PR agent gets hired just to handle hacker questions. Everybody wins!


“The measures offer corporations liability protection if they share information with intelligence agencies.”

That’s rather insidious.


“The Protecting Cyber Networks Act.”, better version:

All companies must, in a timely manner, share news of data breaches with those affected by the breach, as well as with the Government, whose job it is to help shore up cyber defenses.

Any company, individual or government agent, upon discovering a network vulnerability, must work to secure that vulnerability, turn over news of the vulnerability and make public the vulnerability and its associated patch.

Etc. Needs work. I mean, the title is “The Protecting Cyber Networks Act.” isn’t it?

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Nah, it’s about following individual’s porn activities.

Just thinking out loud here -it would be interesting to speculate on what a Privacy Bill of Rights and Freedoms might look like. The GOP will soon likely try to take the freedom of Net Neutrality away and massive data gathering overreach by government (both Democratic and Republican) -and to a much greater degree by industry- has made privacy a virtual impossibility. In the void of protections we see steady erosion of our privacy.

The bill could guarantee Net Neutrality freedoms and provide personal immunity from prosecution if data is acquired outside of proscribed ways (court order/warrant). It could also encompass other areas of privacy -in your car or spying by drones, etc., as well as stiff penalties for criminal hacking. What other components ought there be?

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