Interview on hacktivism and Aaron Swartz

Here’s the second part of my interview with TVOntario’s “The Agenda” (part one was posted earlier this week) in which we talk about hacktivism and Aaron Swartz. Cory Doctorow: Aaron Swartz and Hacktivism READ THE REST

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Wicked job cory. I’ve never seen an interview before and holy crap you are articulate.

the only sad part is that NOBODY watches TVO !

That host is the only TV new personality besides the top CBC cats who are worth a damn.


Great interview.

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Yet somehow still more than the number who watch Sun “News”

and THANK FUCK for that !

I just wish this TVO guy was on the same pedestal as Peter Mansbridge, George Strombo, & Gian Gomechi[Q] (cept all these guys are CBC cats) cause I love this guy. Seen tons of great programs with him, but TVO just aint big enough.

He has been chosen to do a few electoral debates though right ? dono when last but I know he’s done them correct ? Just wish he had the same national cred(AKA popularity unfortunatly) as the other “news heavyweights” of this country.

Oh well, best to him & you Corey. Great interview/program. Never heard you talk before. Please don’t be shy & post more links to ya cause it’s great watching.

Thanks a bunch !

According to wikipedia, he’s done three federal election debates (2006, 2008, 2011) and two Ontario election debates (2007, 2011).

I love long-form interviews like this and TVO is the only TV station that I can think of in Ontario that can do them. Everyone else is restricted by their commercial breaks every 7 minutes.

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