Interview with a US Air Force drone pilot

"Albert Hibpshman is a United States Air Force (USAF) pilot of manned and unmanned aircrafts. During his recent deployment to Afghanistan, Hibpshman was a Mission Commander flying MC-12Ws [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircrafts] as well as a Group Liaison Officer, responsible for the coordination between five flying squadrons and Army, Marine and special forces units… READ THE REST

The whole interview is a big sloppy knobjob for cyberwar, completely ignoring the fact that MORE civilians are killed by drones than actual combatants.

Albert should have been asked what he thinks when the news about children being massacred by drones for the heinous crime of collecting firewood to warm their homes.

Interesting, what is your source of data for this assertion?

I’m impressed that what appears to be a real drone pilot (er, operator) was allowed to talk to the media.

Scary how much corporate speak there is in his answers. “An aggressive cross check and skepticism are healthy habits that I’ve brought from previous manned aircraft flying.” Etc. This is a frickin career for this guy. I guess that should be expected, but it gives me chills.

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