Invasion of the mind-altering parasites


I find this topic irresistibly compelling for some reason.


Ya, if I were starting my education over again I just might end up in parasitology…

these are some of my favorite TED topics:


Great username/post combo there.


Toxoplasma gondii seems to be a favourite example of a mind-altering parasite (in rodent and human hosts). Then I started reading the background research for that particular parasite, and it’s all rather flimsy and uncorroborated – accepted more because of the narrative appeal than for the strength of the data.
It’s as if we collectively suffer from mind-altering parasites which make us want to believe in mind-altering parasites.

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“This year, science writer Ed Yong went from being a noted critic of the TED conference science coverage to being part of the TED conference science coverage”

Noted critic becomes ardent supporter, eh? And what brought on this Damascene moment?


Thank you for that link. Best laugh I had all week. Undecided between Emerging Markets in Suburban Bushmeat or Community-Based Arson Initiatives: Ideas at Work.

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Those are great topics! Personally, I needed to brush up on my “How To Fight A Cow” skill set.

[quote=Ed Yong]When people say that scientists are always changing their minds, it’s usually meant as a slight. How can anyone trust conclusions that are so prone to revision? But the fluctuating nature of science is a feature not a bug.[/quote]

Or is it? Dun dun dah.

Engaging articles at Discover and National Geo.

Related: Robert Sapolsky on Toxo:

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I love listening to or reading this person’s work, although I feel Matt Frewer is also a fan of the Professor.

Pot is having some success in turning people into zombies that use an elaborate chain to ensure that more pot is grown.

Love Will Turn You Around: Ten Days to Mind-Blowing Anal Sex by Kenny Rogers

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

It’s really just playing catchup for wheat, though.

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Its like you were under some parasitic influence. Kind of like the compunction to religion.

Am I really the first with a brain slug reference?

Upstream Color.

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