Iran arms deal prosecution falls apart because of warrantless laptop search

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Dang, there are entire states like that even if you exclude airports.


Yeah, is there a map of places NOT within 100 miles of a border crossing, seaport or international airport?


It’s nice to see government overreach limited. I hope these protections apply to American citizens as well, not just foreign nationals.

@daneel, yes, I saw one a few years back.


Yep! From the ACLU:

The CBP only applies this 100-mile rule to “external” boundaries, so even though you may be near an international airport CBP office in the center of the country, you’re theoretically safer (just as long as you don’t get too near that office). However, about 66% of citizens live in this zone.


Unfortunately, I think “unique circumstances” means that the judge does not intend this case to be precedentail.

Rest easy, citizens, congress is working to “fix” this issue.

I guess they can place the centre of their 100 miles where they please, but would it not be better centred on the actual edge, rather than 50 miles inland from the edge? Seems all I need do to avoid search in the coastal areas is to get my feet a bit wet.

Wait, I though parallel construction washes away all of the sins of prosecution.

I suspect this surrender was one of the sweeteners thrown in for signing the recent weapons grade U235 slowdown deal, nothing stops a federal prosecution in normal situations, certainly not evidence or rights.


Well said. Prosecutors are more above the law even than cops.


This map is wrong. There’s no international water in Lake Michigan. The whole thing is divided between Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. If you add in airports and ‘seaports’, the whole of lower peninsula Michigan is in the Constitution-free zone, though. I have yet to hear of a CBP checkpoint having been set up anywhere in the LP.

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