Iraq asks for US air strikes, as extremists capture largest oil refinery


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Here we go again…


In related news, Vice President Dick Chaney was critical of the President.

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Time for gas stations to up the price within hours of this news.


‘Okay, we’re going to go to Iraq, topple the extant regime, replace it with a puppet government, and leave!’

‘What happens when the toothless, unprepared puppet government which lacks true authority or acceptance gets toppled by the first usurper to look at it funny?’

‘I don’t understand the question.’

‘What happens when the puppet government fails?’

‘How could that happen?’


Up $0.15 in four hours here. Quelle suprise.

Here we go again…

They like it that way.

Seriously, then you’ll have the apologists come out, “hey, man,it’s just supply and demand”
No, shitbag, it’s not.
It’s called gouging, there’s a difference.

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Welp, we didn’t get to bomb the Iranians, and we didn’t get to bomb Assad’s forces in Syria. As a consolation prize, we can bomb ISIS, the people fighting the Iranians and Assad’s forces in Syria.

While the US bears responsibility for releasing the dictatorial bonds holding back Civil War, this IS a Civil War in Iraq. There is no way the US benefits by taking aggressive action favoring one side or the other.

The US might benefit if it could intervene in some humanitarian way.

Or it could benefit by invading, killing anyone who objects, raping away the oil wealth and then abandoning the smoldering husk to the enraged survivors.

I don’t think the US is ready to kill 90% of the population of Iraq (although the neocons might be.)

Cheney and Karl Rove must be toasting themselves in Roger Ailes’ bunker. Obama is in a no-win situation. If he does nothing, ISIS makes progress, losing our “wins” in Iraq. If he helps the Maliki government, we would almost literally be fighting with Iranians as our allies, with any gains we make directly benefiting Iran.

And no one but the European media sources remind us just how we entered Iraq in the first place. All mainstream US media start with the factoid that 4486 Americans lost their lives “defending” Iraq.

Th-That hand, moving those oil prices, is that…can it be? The Invisible Hand?

Never mind, it’s Dick Cheney again.


Talk to me, Goose.
Ah, I crack myself up…

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