IRS E-File system crashes on Tax Day because LOL nothing matters


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Russia, obvs.


This is why i made sure to do my taxes a few months ago. Especially knowing that the IRS is operating with a reduced budget and is likely understaffed for their workload.


They should do everybody a solid and announce a two day extension.


They should do everybody a solid and announce a two day extension.

As someone working in an accounting office let me just say, fuck that. We are done… :wink:



Schadenfreude, baby, schadenfreude!


Symbolic of a Trump-ed American government.


Which is frankly pretty outrageous in and of itself. In any reasonable society the government would provide all taxpayers with the option to file online for free without having to shell out a bunch of money to a third-party service. Unfortunately H&R Block and Intuit have some pretty heavy lobbying influence.


That’s why I file on paper: pure spite about that e-filing clusterfuck.


I am torn between the government’s obligation to make paying taxes acceptably painless on the one hand, and the tax preparation companies’ God-given right to turn a tidy profit on the other hand.


I dunno, my buddy was using the Free fillable forms efiling system last week and it took him a couple times to get his return in because of formatting issues with phone numbers or something. The error messages were almost straight from the IRS (XPath this and that). He’s a smart guy and was really befuddled


I also hold off on making my tax payments as long as possible, which generally amounts to 48 hours before the actual deadline. One less thing to stress over.


I owed money on my taxes 2 years ago and i put in the option to pay it over the course of 3 months. The IRS forgot to withdraw the money for like 5 months and then they tried sending me bills forcefully instructing me to pay. I just ignored it, they already have all of my information and they’re big boys. Figure it out.

Lo and behold eventually they managed to withdraw the money as i had initially set up.


It worked fine for me today…



Has Death also taken a holiday?


I like to get it out of the way as early as I can.


Working in an accounting office, you probably already know how hard it is to get an extension. Fill in your name and address and that’s pretty much it. No reason needed. No dog-ate-my-homework. Automatic 6 months free, or, if you use H&R Block, only $99.


Probably working overtime to pay all the sin tax.


My understanding is that you’re still expected to pay the amount you reasonably expect to owe with the extension, and whether you do or not, you’re still on the hook for accrued interest on any amount owed during the deferral period. There doesn’t seem to be much free about it.