Is The Magician’s TV Quentin Too Handsome?

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Throughout the books I always pictured Quentin as somewhat handsome, it kind of fits in with his character and his privilege and makes his flaws all the more apparent although I don’t believe it’s ever clarified how attractive he is in the books having re-read them all before The Magician’s Land.

However he is too old to play Quentin. His range is more like how old he should be in The Magician King now.

I hope they do something different with it because I will probably just not watch it if it’s a relatively straight adaption of the book because I have such a specific view of everything in those books it just doesn’t sit right with me and I might as well just not bother. But if they do something interesting it’ll be worth a go.

This is somewhat off-topic, but has anyone else tried clicking randomly on the time-bar mid-sentence, to see if it generates some amusing mash-up? I imagine this would work with any talk-dense podcast.

He doesn’t look like enough of a dork and loser.

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