Is there a website for registering ideas in the public domain?


For example, I just had an idea for a solution to a problem that plagues bikes with a derailer drivetrain; the sluggish shifting to the smallest cogs that often occurs when there’s a little excess cable friction can be solved with a special arrangement of the derailer’s return spring.

I’d like to be able to make up a diagram, write up an explanation, maybe clarify a couple of aspects in a discussion thread, and bang, it’s creative commons or something, none of this copyright, patent, etc garbage.

Does such a thing exist?


At the bare minimum publishing it anywhere publicly, at least, protects the idea from future patents. You could always just blog it.


So nobody’s tried to wikify the creation of technology and culture yet?


It should protect it from patents, but what would be more likely is the patent office would approve a patent by someone else including it anyway. Then someone could use Kimmo publishing it before the patent as evidence of prior art. But they’d probably still have been dragged through the court system while spending a bundle of cash to defend themselves.


maybe what you have done is remove any motivation for anyone to manufacture it.

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