Is this the best toilet in Japan?

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I went to that bar and visited both toilets. I used one for the intended bathroom purpose and merely gawked at the other. But I don’t believe that the bar has been in business for quite a few years.

Japanese Toilet Experience was my favorite band back in the 80s. I’m happy to hear that they’re still doing well.

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OH. Japan. You…

Also: “Does this thing play Styx?”

Coincidentally I just watched Ridley Scott’s Black Rain for the first time, and now I want to visit smokey 1980s Japan.

ETA: Imagine using this for the first time. You sit down and the music starts. It startles you a little, and its weird, but ok. Then in a little bit you look up from your phone and wonder, “Is that thing closer than it was?” Then the panic kicks in as you realize it is slowly moving towards you! Do you kick it? Raise your legs? Move them to one side? Open them? How far is it going to go??? Is it voice activated? Do you yell stop? Will you have to be rescued, pinned to the toilet? Is this how you go? There were so many things you wanted to do in your life!

And then that sigh of relief when it starts to move back.

But does it say “Welcome. I am honored to accept your waste”


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