Ishkur's legendary guide to electronic music updated

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In the original electronic guide, Ishkur stated that Ladytron is electroclash despite the band being synthpop. In this new guide he repeats the mistake. It’s a shame he categorized a respected electronic pop band like Ladytron (“the best of English pop music” - Brian Eno) as electroclash under the eurotrash section. That is a trashy opinion.

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it’s on there
follow the garage thread

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…that’s Ishkur. He’s not afraid to make snark takes and he does have the chops to back it up.

/making Pendulum it’s own style is kinda hysterical


I know he’s snarky even on the older version of his guide. In the electroclash description he claimed he was a “huge Ladytron fan”. As an ex(?) huge fan he should know better that Ladytron are actually synthpop and dreampop and they have nothing to do with electroclash and eurotrash (category invented by him). He knew that the band disliked being called like that, hence his excuse “true to its Punk roots, most of the bands who made Electroclash hated the term and refused to have anything to do with it (especially the ones who were making it before it was coined a thing)”. Lots of people use his guide as a reference; it’s disheartening to see him spreading disinformation about this great band. Ladytron’ sound is far more diverse to be but in a very limited category:

Crossposting from @frauenfelder’s reboing thread.

And because essentially the same thing exists for another genre completely, I must share:

I wonder if in another 40 years I’ll still be listening to Florida Breaks and Big Beat…

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I think Ishkur’s reaction to most of this comment thread being full of people saying “But X isn’t Y! It should be in Z!!!11!!!” would be to say
“Don’t like it? Make your own fucking guide”
(And can you imagine any guide to any genre of music, which wouldn’t piss off at least 80% of the people in that scene?)

Or to actually use his own words:
“This guide favors authenticity over accuracy, and it aims to entertain before it informs. It is only as accurate as it feels it needs to be. It is constantly changing and it is infinitely mutable, so the map, the music, and my self-righteous opinions are all subject to change as I discover, investigate, and incorporate new knowledge and more music. Nothing is definitive.”


i’ve been working my way through

i’ve created 7 new playlists at my youtube account with names like “interesting music 2” and “long form 2” and “ab-ex minimalism” and i’m only about 60% of the way through the list.

That may be, but considering Scottish bouncy techno to be the same as English happy hardcore were literally fighting words in the 1990s.

Bouncy Techno in 1993

Happy Hardcore in 1993

On the label of that Bouncy Techno record it says “Big respect to all the Scottish Happy Hardcore Massive”, but I’m English so what do I know? :wink:

It reminded me of many hours sat in my car with my mate playing Happy Hardcore through my shitty speakers, while we drove around getting up to no good :slight_smile:
Did you ever hear this one? Became a bit of an anthem for us:

It was one of the first records, the music didn’t really have a name of it’s own at that point. It was happy hardcore when compared to the hardcore gabber being made by the Dutch, but it wasn’t English happy hardcore which at that point was just called happy hardcore.

Around 1995 things got really confusing when bouncy techno influenced the dutch into making happy gabber (also called happy hardcore in the Netherlands), which then influenced English happy hardcore into dropping the breakbeats. There was a period of a year or two where everyone was playing the same tunes, but insisting it was all their own style of music. Around 1998 everything settled back down into hardcore and happy hardcore, just in time for happy hardcore to become UK hardcore.

I can only imagine how confusing that reads to someone who is unfamiliar with the music.

Too much. I got so sick of it that one night I went into the gabber and speedcore room and never came back out. It was more fun in there so I don’t mind anymore. I can cope with it better now, since I don’t hear it ten times a night.

Or chiptune meets metal, seems to be missing from both maps. :thinking::grin:

Am I wrong in thinking that this sounds a bit like Bouncy Techno?

A bit of pitch shifting, play around with the low frequencies, and it might work.

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