It’s World Mental Health Day: A primer on depression for the public-at-large

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Holy crap this is great and it has described very powerfully and memorably how to be a supportive friend (or partner) to a person who is depressed. Thank you for sharing so intimately.


I kind of glanced at it, but a little too real. Nobody should feel that way, though that’s empathy, words don’t fix it.

I’m not sure my close to death experience this year was worth the effort made for me. But I also notice I am crying easily, coming across too many sad stories. I kind of gave up crying decades back because it was too depressing. Now it’s back. It’s good to have that empathy, but to be in this state of mind.


This is super helpful to me today & there are several folks I will share it with when i feel the time is right. Sincere thanks, Maureen. I am grateful that you have survived to tell the tale that needs to be told.


I feel her experience mirrors mine in many respects. My birth mom and two uncles chose suicide at different times, but despite ruminating on how one would go about it, it’s never been an impulse I’d follow.
The bit about going back to bed is accurate. It’s far from relaxing.


Very nicely done @maureenherman! It’s like you’ve read my mind and articulated my thoughts 10000% better than I ever could. I will read your motherf#cking memoir as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Question though: What about a primer on the public-at-large for depression? I feel like I could use one of those as well…


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