It's really easy to steal your cellphone number, and that's a gateway to stealing everything else

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should really look into this… oh, wait… never mind.


Ah, wonderful. Yet another fraud vector that I hadn’t even thought about before.

This is certainly a wonderful thing. I’m glad it has been brought to my attention. Especially the knowledge that it’s hard to prove your innocence and fight the charges.

I will now return to my attempt at making my office larger by slowly knocking down the wall behind my desk using repeated blows from my head.


The home of Bouncing Bentley

(As you were…)


Text ROBME to 85843 to receive FREE information on how to protect yourself!


I just want them to track down this “Scam Likely” character and tell him to stop calling me. I swear he calls me 10-20 times a day. Who the heck would name their kid that anyway? What an odd name.


Yes, SMS or email-based 2FA is a lazy kludge.

I’m not sure what the barrier is for anyone to use Google Authenticator (or any timed token system) but it can’t be that bad. I have a few services using it. Maybe sites are just worried about the perception of added inconvenience (oh, I need to install another app?) but I feel like people will adapt while getting the benefit of proper 2FA.

(Ok, now cue someone telling me how GA is flawed and easily exploited)

A simple way to minimize your risk is to NEVER use your phone for online banking or purchases. Also disable NFC and Bluetooth. Using a VPN on public wi-fi helps too.

I’ve been trying to sell some stuff on kijiji, and about 80% of the inquiries very quickly get to “what’s your cell number”, and then stop abruptly when I refuse to provide it. I thought I was being paranoid thinking about phishing scams. This article makes me feel… uh… better? Sort of.


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