Jacob Appelbaum explains surveillance to the EuroParl



My partner woke up in the middle of the night with men with night vision goggles watching her sleep in her own home.

That sounds like a scene out of Brazil.

Did he mean that literally, or as a metaphor for what it means that the NSA might be watching through your web cam?

Yes, we are living in THAT reality.


Bruce Campbell is an EU MP? Good for him.

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No, literally. I’ve heard the story. It’s terrifying.


As interesting as this is - can anybody point out any more highlights? Unfortunately I don’t quite have 3.5h to kill today.


A shorter video featuring Appelbaum reading an acceptance speech by Edward Snowden for receiving a whistle blower award, and some extra words:


Appelbaum first speaks from 21:52-37:26, and then answers questions 2:23:03-2:44:04.


But since he’s not the only one with something valuable to say, I recommend taking the time to watch the whole thing. I’m working my way through it, even though I should have been in bed 2 hours ago.

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It’s not easy being Jacob Appelbaum. He gets continually harassed and shaken down nearly everywhere he travels.

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

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I actually listened/watched the entire video. I like to see the questions in respect to the answers.

The information provided was great and in-depth. The questions by the various members of the European Parliament indicated that while some have some knowledge on the subject…many don’t and that is very disturbing. I would think that it is the duty of all the members to proceed with individual investigations on the issues.

I am encouraged that the testimonies are causing justifiable concern of the members and setting them on the Path of Truth.


This is required viewing and I give it two ‘thumbs up’…‘likes’… ‘bananas’… whatever!
Two of them I say!

Wow. Jacob Applebaum is my new hero. Very clear, direct, and an excellent speaker covering a terrifying topic. The bit about using various selectors to identify an individual and then use that info to kill them… Yikes!

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