Japanese game-show asks celebs to eat household objects that may or may not be chocolates




I wish there was a more widely-available cable channel that gave me shows like this.


The cake-decoration wars have lead to my biggest nightmare, that anything could attract ants and I would never know it.


The knob is a lie?


do they HAVE to bite it? would licking it not suffice? or poking it?




have you seen Japanese game shows before?


If so, the lie is a cake (or a sweet, at least).


My thought as well.


I wish there were a way I could anonymously and publicly comment on other anonymous and public comments, through my cable box.


do tell me sweet little lies. it all makes sense now.


Truth or Confectionaries


'Meanwhile, in Japan...'


Or better, on the Internet.


These shows' "contestants" are often comedians (like the local equivalent of the Jackass crowd) and the rules are set up to get the funniest reaction out of them.

Look up "Silent Library".


Reminds me of an oglaf comic (NSFW) http://oglaf.com/brassknobs/


Yea, I've also seen American ones where they eat buckets of worms AKA Fear Factor


Link doesn't seem to work.


Fear factor takes itself way too seriously.


That gif works so much better with no context.