Jeffrey Epstein crony Jean-Luc Brunel found dead in cell

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Let me guess, all the security cameras in that section of the jail were down for maintenance.


Though it may not provide much comfort to the victims, I’d really like for the rest of these scumbags to face justice - or at least a public reckoning.

Actually prosecuting the likes of a Bill Clinton (alleged) or a Prince Andrew (confirmed) may be impossible - but they deserve the stamp of shame to the their historical footnote.


Almost like there is a pattern to this…


i’m still waiting for someone to hang themselves by jumping out a window while having a heart attack

in a small plane


A pretty well known one. Accused child molesters and child pornographers commit suicide at absurdly high rates. Above and beyond the already 4x higher than average suicide rate in American jails and prisons.

Like the Epstein thing this is just people noticing the absolutely fucked outcomes of our absolutely fucked jails and prisons. Then searching for a conspiracy explanation instead of looking at how absolutely fucked our jails and prisons are.


I find it pretty hard to believe it’s suicide when the cameras are down, the guards are sleeping instead of checking the prisoners, and whatever video there is just happens to vanish. But hey, call me a conspiracy theorist, I’m fine with that.

On the one hand, it’s pretty hard to care about these scumbags, but on the other, it’s pretty convenient that he won’t be available to testify about the high-ups that he pandered to.


Golly! What a weird coincidence.

On a serious (ahem) note; both deaths could be the result of prison guards believing they are the deliverers of ultimate justice in such cases. This seems in keeping with the growing “independence” of the popo. My spidey sense is going with big money and power protecting itself. Why not both?


Has there actually been any specific allegation against Clinton in regards to his relationship with Epstein? I know there have been other credible accusations against Clinton but I thought those were all independent of Epstein or his infamous island.


There has to be a specific medical term for dying in your sleep and then hanging yourself.

Unless you’re suggesting someone found him dead of a heart attack and hung him up…to…remember to come get him later?


This occurred in a Paris prison, not an American one.


Au revoir, méchan secousse.


Lots of specific allegations. Don’t you know the Clintons are blood-soaked criminals of nearly infinite variety, because Conservatives have been loudly alleging it for 30 years.


Except if you were familiar with the facility Epstein was in, or followed the coverage. That’s pretty normal. Just like the suicides. They had part time nurses acting as guards because they had no staff, and everything in there was persistently broken including the camera system.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center is a dank pit of human rights abuses. Activists have been trying to get it shut down for 20 years. Many of the same problems and details around Epstein’s death were widely reported for years.

The only thing that strikes me as odd with Epstein is that the staff there weren’t more careful purely to cover their own asses. But it’s not like this wasn’t investigated and explanations widely reported. Including how bad things are in that facility and how common this exact outcome is in that facility.

Like I said. This is normal. This is how our jails and prisons operate.

This is enough of an expected outcome with stuff like that, that I have had multiple people who do these sorts of investigations tell me that they put suspects on suicide watch by default. Justified to a judge based purely on statistics.

These deaths tend to result from prison staff finding it “hard to care” about such suspects. It’s more about neglect, lack of resources and atrocious conditions.

The opposite. The only victim to mention him was Virginia Giuffre who has said she’s sure Clinton was unaware, and that he was never around or involved in any of the abuse she experienced or witnessed. Only being present for a handful of charity trips Epstein used the jet for.

I was referring to Epstein there.

From what I understand internationally suicide rates among prisoners of this type are also much higher then Gen pop, and prisoners in general. Though the numbers aren’t always quite as high.

But as goes France they’ve been cited repeatedly by the EU, UN and others for human rights violations in their jails and prisons. Doesn’t sound much better than the US.




In another article about the suicide (scare quotes optional), this pimp’s lawyers were still painting him as a victim of the justice system. Dead men don’t pay their bills, guys, so you can stop pretending he wasn’t a scumbag.


disregard. Think I get it now, read you wrong.


So, you need to bribe police/prison guards to be incompetent? That’s where they lost me.

Short answer: no. Dershowitz: oh yeah.


Well of course. There’s no windows in prison.


Did Bill Barr visit him the day before?