Jem outrageous



Is the live-action feature still in the works?

– wait. Molly Ringwald is in it?

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Obviously it’s no Shakespeare, but the original cartoon (it’s on Netflix) passes the Bechdel test with flying colors, has interesting globetrotting plots, catchy music, and just the right amount of plot and character complexity for 5-8 year old girls. Plus it’s made my 5 year old actually pull out her keyboard and play it all the time, so I approve.

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They should update “Jem and the Holograms” to “Jem and the Instagrams.”

Or maybe they could make the whole rest of the band holograms in the Hatsune Miku style. Then everyone but Jem could pass through walls like ghosts and solve mysteries and stuff, when they aren’t on stage.

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This doesn’t look nearly as disturbing as the film version of that Saturday morning cartoon The Watchmen.


Umm… Has everybody already forgotten MLP:FIM? Season 5 just started, my kids (3 year old girl and 6 year old boy) f’ing love it.


So… got a link to the new stuff? There’s a link to wikipedia, and a link to the original intro. Seems like there should be a link to the reboot that is what this post is about? Perhaps to show the “built like brick houses” friends? I’m taking crazy pills over here!

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They’re also possibly getting a hair dye and/or makeup line based on the property

What? I follow Hasbro’s trademarkia RSS feed…

Not my daughter, she’s a total brony through and through.

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