Jeremy Corbyn to European left-wing parties: you won't win until you abandon neoliberalism


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This seems like good news.

When I’m feeling less pessimistic, I sometimes think it’s possible that this good man may just be given a chance to lead an English turn-around, toward better days.


Jesus christ, the Corbyn ‘didn’t lose as badly as people thought he would’ triumphalism is getting pretty ridiculous at this point.


It’d be nice if the colonies could do what they do best - and take this idea and call it American and run with it.


Well - at least is acknowledges the truth - Here in the states you can just say he won and the other party cheated and people shrug and accept it.


He’ll win next time, dude.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the DNC hadn’t cheated? Even the courts take it as a given that they did, ya know:

The lawsuit is over but the DNC did admit they had done so. In fact, part of their argument was they had the right to do so =p.

In other words, it’s nowhere near as simple as the binary choice between HRC and Orangenführer implies.


Oh good, let’s have that pie fight again. It always makes things better.

What I’d like to hear from guys like Corbin and Sanders is an argument for raising taxes on the rich that makes sense to the rich. I believe that argument can be made, and it will be revolutionary. Imagine roads not crumbling, schools not failing, and so on.


That’s the argument, right there: Do you like roads? Howzabout police protection? Living customers to buy your products, perhaps…?


The problem with the left wing of the Democrats is they don’t know how to play ball.

Don’t phrase it as raising taxes on the rich. Phrase it as “restoring Reagan area tax levels to encourage growth”

(No need to tell them Reagan era taxes includes 50% for the highest bracket and the growth will come from lower brackets having increased spending ability leading to growth in the consumer sector)


The Patriotic Legacy Gipper Tax Bill?


And, of course, when a respondent tries to get a lawsuit dismissed-- any lawsuit-- his lawyer will pose an argument much like the following:

Assume, for the sake of argument, that all of the plaintiff’s arguments are correct. It still does not amount to a cognizable claim.


Starting with closing loopholes might be best, and easier to sell. Not so much “tax the rich” as they should pay their fair share. The Trudeau government is trying that, although the professional incorporation loopholes that they’re going after seem pretty far down the 1%er loophole list to me.


FDR did it by basically saying to his fellow rich guys that if they didn’t want a Communist insurrection they better do something. It was actually not implausible that such a thing could have happened in the 1930s without the New Deal. We aren’t quite there yet. Especially now that Russians are into funding the American right-wing rather than the left.



I mean seriously, why? Why should they bother?

I mean, those arguments absolutely exist, and rich people already know them. It’s just that there’s no argument that beats “Fuck you, got mine.”

When the local city raises sales taxes on me, people don’t sit around wringing their hands wondering whether they can come up with an argument for why Mr. Elladan would want to pay them. “Well… We could have sales tax for just everyone BUT Mr. Elladan, and then he’d be wealthier. How ever can we convince him to support paying taxes too?!”


How about “The Hamptons are not a defensible position.”

(I may be addicted to posting this clip.)


Yeah, ignoring obvious misdeeds is a GREAT idea; let’s all ignore Dump’s peccadilloes, now!

No. Especially when it was done brazenly, with people complaining at the time.


ROFL all the bullshit being spoken by people in actual power and that’s what you are focused on?


Blatant fraud in elections? Yes. Your point? Did that fraud somehow magically become “OK”…? And why should anyone drop it; just because the DNC was able to drag it out for a long time in a court case? Really?!

Note: I am able to pay attention to more than one problem at once. How about you?


Whatever dude - go tilt at windmills no one cares. Said as a Bernie supporter. He moved on - you should too.

Apparently not - as you brought up something completely unrelated to the topic and continue to argue it.