Jerk snatches winning game ticket from old lady

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How do you commit theft and try to flee the country and then get released on your own recognizance?


I remember going to Naples and was warned there were a lot of thieves that target tourists. But this takes the cake.

I mean, if you’re the OWNER, then how the hell do you think you would get away with it?


They verified the card in the store, so really they already know which ticket it is. Nobody’s going to be able to cash it in without triggering an alert.


They have civil court in Italy. The guy’s shop, home, car, etc. would probably make a nice down payment.


What a total tosspot.


It doesn’t say they know what ticket it is. It says they froze all tickets provided to that shop. That suggests they don’t know which specific ticket it was because if they did they’d just freeze that one ticket.


Now how do you say jerk in Italian?

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I’m already disappointed in the shopowner for basic shitbaggery. I’ll be supremely disappointed in him if he didn’t say “yoink!” Before implementing the “run away to the Canary Islands” portion of his clearly well developed plan.

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Esbecially beacuse being a tobacconist, he needs a tobacco license to buy wholesale. To buy wholesale tobacco and lottery ticket, in Italy there is a state agency, that was called State’s Monopoly, that could revoke the tobacco license and stop selling to somebody. Lottery ticket don’t require a license, but they could simply refuse to sell them.
Basically even if isn’t sued he can’t sell neither cigaretters nor lottery tickets, so he now has a worthless shop, and losing a tobacco license it’s like losing a medallion for a taxi driver.


I once had a voucher for a 24 hour fitness membership stolen by a 24 hour fitness employee. While I was presenting it to the employee, I got the feeling that he was thinking of just keeping it for himself. Sure enough a week later I got a call saying they can’t find the voucher for my membership and the employee who took it no longer works there. Luckily I had taken a picture before handing it over. It is mind blowing that people burn bridges for something with a retail value of a couple hundred bucks.


Stronzo. Best said with emphasis.


Live in a country that doesn’t believe that jail is the only way to treat people who break the law.

Of course, this whole thing could be a ruse pulled by both of them: knowing the shop sold a winning ticket to somebody, the woman pretends she purchased it. The shopkeeper pretends to abscond with it, and when he eventually claims he lost it, the lottery commission takes her word for it and gives her the cash.

I’m not saying it’s the worlds most well thought out plan, but I’ve known stupider thieves.

Giorgio Bracardi!
A really funny performer, with a gallery of improbable and fun characters.

Childhood memories follow, skip to the end for updates on the winning ticket.

As my friends and I were riding the streets on our bikes (pedals - we were about 12), a grown up, well attired man stops us and asks for directions to a nearby shop.
The night before we all had seen the movie “Amici miei” , so the boldest of my friends tries a bit of “supercazzola” on the guy (i.e., as one of the movie’s character often does, a nonsense speech with partly invented and misused words).
Well, the man was none else than Bracardi - who promptly answered with a slew of his voices and crazy talk! My friend was nonplussed, while we contorted from laughs.
Noone had recognised him, though everyone knew who he was as soon as he started - we used to listen to him on the radio, he was not on TV at the time.

A few updates/corrections, as read in Italian newspapers:

  • The alleged stronzo is not the owner of the tobacconist, his ex-wife is, though everyone still associates the shop with him.
  • He is now in jail, as he was arrested while going back to Napoli under suspicion of trying to extort money from the winner.
  • He had deposited the winning ‘Gratta e Vinci’ in a bank in Latina while on the road from Napoli to Rome Fiumicino Aeroporto (where he was initially caught). The ticket has been recovered.
  • He is maintaining a version of facts where the old (69, she’s not so old!) lady was asked by him to cash the win for him as he thought it was only 500 € and he says is is not in a good relationship with his ex-wife. The police is convinced this is totally bollocks.
  • The Italian Lotto agency blocked all the ticket sold to this tobacconist, and they risk having their license revoked (which more or less means to be shut down).

What country is that?

Luckily, both the second (Appello - appeal) and the final degree of judgement (Corte di Cassazione) sent them free.
Wrong (IMO, IANAL and IANAjudge), misguided and damaging* sentences happen.

*Probably no geologist will try ever again to speak in public about earthquakes.

Still, the incarceration rate of Italy is about 1/8 of the USA one (in my other country, Sweden, is 1/10).


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