JFK TSA agent arrested for stealing $61 out of passenger's wallet during screening


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Should’a only taken $20. Then nobody would have noticed…


Surprised they didn’t just declare it Civil Forfeiture.


They’re not even trying to pretend anymore.


Oh so now it’ll be the War on TSA Agents I suppose…oh yeah one more thing… !!!


Cash is a liquid asset.


The lowest bidder…


I find this so frustrating. Here’s a thought, you can’t hire low skill people, pay them the minimum, fail to train them or treat them as respected professionals and then expect them to be professionals. Last time I flew internationally I was so impressed by the Quebec security officers. Clearly highly trained, very experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Quality and professionalism cost money, but we persist in thinking humans are interchangeable widgets.


Why can’t we look to how our perpetual friends in Israel address this problem, they seem to have pretty good success - oh wait, that requires basically everything you just mentioned and here in 'Merika we want to solve security theater with fast food type solutions - lowest common denominator performing repetitive tasks which can be trained via a quick sit in front of a TV with a training video.

Don’t worry! A free capitalistic market solves ALL PROBLEMS! :smile:


Considering the TSA is mainly there to make the white folks feel safe from ‘THEM!’, not really a surprise they aren’t trained that.


I don’t know anyone who thinks the TSA is keeping them safe.


My grandmother does. But she’s become a little more skeptical since I pointed out that the TSA has stopped fewer bomb plots than the freaking baggage handler’s union.


Your evident hatred of America and Values saddens me.

All we need is a second enforcement layer(maybe we can call them metacops, with due apologies to Stevenson?) to intimidate and brutalize the first enforcement layer into compliance. Terrified, obsequious, servility is almost like professionalism; and without the need to provide the filthy guard labor with extra money or dignity!


Given the TSA’s astronomically high miss rate against their own test devices; I’d be much more scared if they actually stopped a bomb plot, since that would suggest either a stroke of improbably superb luck or the possibility that bomb plots are becoming vastly more common.


By the time some minimum wage scrub in the TSA finds a bomb, it’s already too late anyway. It’s not like they have even odds of detecting a bomb, so that means that there’s probably been lots of bombs waltzing through while they were busy pulling out people’s colostomy bags, and making new mothers dump out their formula.


We have that; it’s called management.

What’s needed is that we simply acknowledge that security is theater, and treat it as such. Bring in the best minds in Hollywood to deliver a powerful experience of safety and a determination to stop evil. It might involve dressing the agents up in capes and tights, but let’s see what the real experts come up with.


I’m most surprised that he was fired.


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