Jim Meskimen, deepfake face dancer

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/10/15/jim-meskimen-gan-face-dancer.html


I saw this clip the other day without knowing the deep fake context and just assumed he was good at facial impressions as well. At least up until he sprouted a mustache.


If he could morph into a non-Scientologist, that’d be great.


It’s fantastic, I assume the audio is all him and is not similarly deep-faked? It would be good to watch a subtler version where they tweak his actual face, say 20% of the way between his face and the target face. I wonder whether that’s possible using this iteration of the technology… I think it would still look amazing but there wouldn’t be such obvious cues that it’s not real.

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It seems so subtle at first, I didn’t realize it was happening right away.

There were moments his hands seemed to change color toward orange. Is that a side effect of the deepfake tech or just a lighting problem?

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I’d like to see those characters deepfaked as him.

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