Jimmy Wales calls UK's proposed crypto ban "moronic"

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So, when crypto is banned, all financial transactions have to take place in plaintext, right? Am I following this?


Practically… I believe they want to ban “strong crypto”, which means that everything would need to use a weaker form of crypto, making it a lot easier to crack (a LOT easier) or indeed no encryption.


What about encapsulating strong crypto in weak crypto? If the weak is strong enough to not allow routine blanket decryption (e.g. taking couple hours to few days instead of millenia or milliseconds), the adversary will be resource-constrained to focus attention only to a small subset. On the surface, you’re then still using the legal stuff, until they try to break it - only then they find out that you’re armored underneath, and by then you’d be likely in trouble already.


No no no, you misunderstand. You’re not allowed to use it. Banks can use crypto all they want, because we know they’re good guys, right? How do we know you won’t sell a bunch of fraudulent mortgages and crash the economy?


End the War On Math.


It’s ok. It’ll be password protected. Of course, the only password allowed will be G0dS@V3theQUEEN … which is a really secure password because it uses letters, digits, and symbols.


We won the war.

They may have the laws. But we have the math.


Listen, if you select your Prime Minister based on putting his dick in a pig, you don’t always get the best Prime Minister.


I expect that the government will back down to a position of having encryption licences.

The government will have servers with all the legal keys on them, maintained by G4S or Serco, and we will have to pay a yearly fee (£200 a person? £1000-£10000 for businesses depending on number of employees?). Illegal keys (ones not paid for and/or stored on the servers) will be treated as a terrorist act.

Weak encryption will be allowed for free but is already worthless.

Ashcroft was careful to release that information after the general election, not that I’d expect any better policies from Miliband if he were prime minister.

Okay, I amend that to “Surrender the War on Math.”

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No, no, no. That’s how we select the ruling class, just the same as the fraternity initiations in the US. The Prime Minister is selected by Rupert Murdoch, who selected himself.


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