Jo Walton's "My Real Children": infinitely wise, sad and uplifting novel


I’m in. Sold.

Your recommendation for “Among Others” made me read that in May 2011, and then I loved it so much that I lent it to my mom (I had it on Kindle and she didn’t have a Kindle so I lent her my Kindle); Mom read it and loved it so much that she went out and bought a hardcover version of it and then gave it to me as a gift with this inscription:

She died in November of that year and so this book was one of the last ones we shared and really one of the last special things we did together as mother and daughter.

So, thanks for the recommendation, Cory. I’m in.


I’m really sorry to hear about your mom, Tavie. I’m glad you two could share some of Jo’s work.

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I just bought “My Real Children” for Kindle but I may also get myself a hardcover for the shelf, in memory of Mom. :slight_smile:

I preordered this when you guys featured it before and am super excited that it’s finally available.

I bought it. Amazon link is dead, but iTunes has it at roughly the same price as kindle.

I usually dig Walton’s kind of stuff, but I found Among Others insufferably dull. Even having read most of the titles mentioned in the book, it read like a weird book journal, devoid of any other real plot.

I think I’ll probably pass on this one sadly. The people who raved about the last one raving about this one don’t really sell it for me.

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