Job-hunting tip of the day: don't include dick picks with resume


What! Are you saying that I’ve been doing it wrong for all of my career?


You have to wonder just what job he was seeking.


What if you are a porn star? :smile:

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Some time ago, it became normal for HR people to stop being professional. I’ve been on second and third interviews, only to never hear from the company again. Almost like I pooped on the table during the interview, or sent them a dick-pic.

I’m watching my wife, a Ph.D. neuroscientist, go through the same experience: Apply for job, have a nice interview, never hear from them again.

See, after they stop responding would be the time to send dick-pics.


I skimmed the article too fast and thought Alpha Road was his porno name.

Even then it’s problematic. Your potential employer will still want to see your assets in person to make sure you were presenting yourself accurately. Nothing could be worse than showing up for the first day of work only to have your co-workers say, “Hey, you were using doll furniture!”


That was right around the time they realized all those job-seekers are desperate, while they have paid sick leave and a 401(k).


No, HR people have always been devious, untrustworthy fucks. Don’t trust 'em as far as you can throw them.


Some people lack imagination.

As one of the other replies mentioned, you can’t trust HR. They
represent the company and not the employees. But my experience was
that they would act professionally.

My wife has also been interviewing and has gotten the same lack of
response from companies after 1+ interviews. I’ve had the same job
for quite a while, but that wasn’t my experience last time I was
interviewing. If I got even one interview, I would at least get a
form letter style of response later. Although rarely, I did even get
some negative form letter responses from just a resume submittal.

The current unprofessionalism is really a shame.

I guess it’s not a hard and fast rule?

Private Eye.

No need to show courtesy when you’re overwhelmed with incredible applications from indistinguishable supplicants.

That is, if you can’t be bothered noticing the differences, and have discovered it’s just easier to pander to the boss’s wishes by feeding them a line of bull.

This new HR / recruitment attitude is going to come and bite them hard in the ass. My hopes are to be a part of that biting.

But don’t HR people want to know if you’ll be up for the job, and if you’ll be a hard worker?

If you’re a star then they already know what your dick looks like.

To be honest, I’d kinda be worried about any HR person or company that gave me a callback after I accidentally sent them a dick pic…

Really? You really passed up an opportunity to say, “private dick?”

It didn’t feel appropriate within the boingboing walls to couple a reproductive organ with privacy - somehow, censorial.

Besides, I haven’t read much Chandler, if any in fact, and was unaware that it wasn’t just “private eye”, aka “dick”.

There must be some kind of ranking depending on which side of the observation fence you are. The wrong side, you might call them a “Major dick”. The side where they’re working for you, well, you’re going to rank them downwards in the hierarchy, so Private seems appropriate.

I wonder if the opposite will work on Craigslist. For example, if I send my resume with my dick pics…

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