John Cusack: Will the US allow journalists Greenwald and Poitras to return to the US without harassment?



If John keeps this up, he might not be allowed to return to the USA.


Um, I suspect that Betteridge’s Law will apply. And that, going forward, John Cusack will have to stay out of the zones defined by [Title 8 of the Federal Code of Regulations][1]. That’ll make it a little difficult to make movies.

And you, missy Jardine. You’d better watch your back. You live and work a ‘reasonable distance’ from an external boundary…

/for the completely satire-blind-and-deaf: this is satire.


“Are they free to enter the United States without being served a subpoena?”
Why should this matter? Does any citizen already here have the right not to be served a properly issued subpoena?

Will the US allow NSA reporters like Greenwald and Poitras to return
to the US without harassment?

With the voice of Carol Beer (David Walliams in Little Britain):

“Secret Courts says no!”

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That’s a big big assumption, and possibly unwarranted.

Huh. So this John Cusack is that John Cusack? I assumed it was a similarly named guy. I’m impressed.

Ah, c’mon. No one is safe from being subpeona’ed here. I would have mentioned being safe from having his laptop, cellphone, USB sticks confiscated.

Or just having his or her skull cracked with a baton… “THE NSA SAYS HELLO!”
(I wish I were more than half joking here.)

Y’know, that would be the one thing I wouldn’t be scared of. If they were going to do that, it would mean they were going to hold you for a good long time. THAT would be the thing I’d be scared of. I don’t THINK we’re there yet, but I may just be naive.

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