John Stewart explains how the government actually works

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Just FYI - it’s Jon, not John!


Our country is held together by hundreds of really talented legislative aides.

Oh noes, more minions of the (((Deep State)))! /MAGAt


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All three videos (I assume that which were “segments” between commercials) from yesterday are here:


I think about this every time I call my Rep/Senator’s office. I’m blessed with two Senators I find good-to-great, but was recently gerrymandered into a conservative district and have made damn sure my Rep knows how I feel about certain issues. Every time I get someone to pick up the phone, it’s a twenty-something dude and I always want to ask “Do you really believe in this shit or is it just a convenient way to get a leg up in DC?”.

One of my childhood buddies (well, frenemy, really), began interning for a State Rep asshole who is now their US Rep (also the husband of my 3rd grade teacher). At one point, knowing that I was the most politically aware of the group, essentially apologized to me for this very reason. I didn’t feel compelled to give him an ethical pass. Interestingly, he looks enough like the Jan 6th “Podium Guy” that I had to ask a friend (it wasn’t but I was sooooo ready to cal the FBI).


i don’t need Jon to say it to believe it. i think this has always been my understanding on some level. i think the fact that there ARE hundreds of aides trying to do the right thing is what gives me hope, because i’m certain the number of politicians who are is much smaller than i’d like. but we all could probably guess that it’s the aides who get shit done, so that’s what gives me hope. if we could just get money out of the mix, that would be a huge help.


The truth of this is what scared me the most about SCOTUS…and that was long before the recent incidents of unethical behavior.

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I have a friend who’s not only a best friend’s brother-in-law but married to the most raving neo-con from my high school.
He plays respectable, most days. Still, I regularly refuse to countenance it by reminding him that he continued to work for a House representative that ran cover for a literal fascist uprising.


No quarter given.


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