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Which part do you find bs?
(A) Asking politicians their stance on big money in politics?
(B) Awareness-raising of big money in politics?
© That big money in politics is a viable concern?
(D) 1/infinity seconds?
(E) Other. Please state.


Whoops commented on wrong article. So I’ll go with F - None of the Above.


The only way to reduce corruption in the US government is to carve up the US. Their biggest problem is scale. You can’t really be accountable to people you never meet. Marketing yourself to the whole US requires hundreds of millions of dollars, and you have to be corrupt in some sense to find that sort of money.


Just FYI, the link is broken to the “Cheer us up” page.


They only need that kind of money if everybody believes they need that kind of money. I don’t know about scale, there might be a point there. But the more important thing it seems to me (a foreigner) you guys need are less ads and more debates. Real debates, with back and forth questions and discussions and input from the audience. And lots of debates, not just a few “approved” ones. Also, more parties need to be let into the discussion. The two big ones don’t seem to have had an original thought between them in about 50 years.

So if I was emperor of the world, I would restrict how much money could be given to or received by a politician, put restrictions of what kind of political ads were allowed and also how many, and make sure there were more and better debates. I might also question the wisdom of voting for individuals rather than a party and its stated goals and values.


I concur entirely! Any LCD campaign on this scale has many millions of people as captive audience, along for the ride. This is why I am breaking it up , and encouraging people to secede.


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