Judge overturned murder conviction Adnan Syed, subject of Serial podcast

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[Prosecutors] said that an investigation had pointed to two possible “alternative suspects,” although those individuals have not been named publicly or charged.



I wonder how much credit Serial and, in particular, Sarah are due for the exposure brought to Syed. I’d like to think some, at least, but the system is likely too opaque to ever have them acknowledged for it.


Hopefully they had more convincing exonerating evidence in court than in the podcast. I came away from the podcast thinking that he was guilty and the only thing that made him stand out was that he was smart enough to say “I don’t remember “ instead of coming up with lies that were easy to refute. Also, it was clear the podcaster had no idea how memory works based on her reactions to people suddenly “remembering “ exonerating evidence a decade after the crime.


Because if both or either of those alternative suspects are innocent. They don’t deserve the absolute shit storm that would come from naming them. Alternately if either or both are guilty they don’t deserve the head start.

Prosecutors generally don’t name such people until or unless an arrest is made, or acknowledge any names unless it’s already publicly known.


It’s been a while, but I remember coming away from the podcast not convinced of anything except that the prosecution’s case was shaky and rested on the word of that shady character Jay. I hope that real justice is finally served for everyone involved, especially the victim and her family.


Interesting – I came away with exactly the opposite conclusion – that the case against Syed was weak, and that there was nowhere near sufficient eviidence for a conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt”. By the end of the series, I actually thought it was “more likely than not” that Syed was innocent.

From the story today, it looks like there was more evidence than in the podcast, including 2 additional suspects, and that the prosecution did not hand over all relevant information to the defense team.

ETA – The NY Times Daily Podcast has an update.


If you followed the case after serial, you’d know other lawyers got involved who found new evidence that the phone records weren’t accurate for location data.

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In our system that’s based on reasonable doubt, that should be enough. If the guys name was Adam Smith, he would never have been convicted because of that.


Same. I wasn’t convinced he was definitely innocent but there was nowhere near enough evidence to warrant a conviction.


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