Julian Assange volunteers to be imprisoned in the USA if Obama gives Chelsea Manning clemency

Julian is gambling on it never happening,

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Very commendable from Assange but I don’t think that’s how justice works. I don’t think that’s how justice should work, at least.

Yep. Also, I bet this serves as a useful distraction from the inexplicable and rather disturbing anti-Clinton campaign Assange and Wikileaks have been running. “No, no, look, I’m a good and honourable person! I’m willing to sacrifice myself. I’m not trying to turn your country over to a batsh*t crazy egomaniac at all!”


Assange isn’t perfect, but even a broken clock etc etc. This is just a simple stunt to keep the media focused on Manning’s case, which needs all the help it can get. Media stunts are what Assange was always about, since the very first days of wikipedia.

(And tbh, in US prison he might get a few hours of daily outdoor activity, something he can’t have now. He’s already in prison - relatively “light” prison, but still a prison.)

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I think you should combine wiki with a different prefix here : )

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Or a different suffix but yeah, d’oh :slight_smile: sorry

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that was my doh… I thought suffix and wrote prefix…

None of this is how justice works.

We’re talking about the criminal system, here, so it’s a question of how revenge works, and whether the torture will discourage other would-be-whistleblowers.

Like the mafia, the state wants people snitching for them, never against them.

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