Juniper's products are still backdoored; more evidence that the company was complicit

Yeah, seriously. You really only need the computing power of an arduino or cheap ass fpga to be successful with these types of attacks. Dma to the processor cache? Done in one. If I was a decent electrical engineer I could probably Trojan a Junos device with parts from Frys.

Fuck, I’m still colleagues with the former director of juniper vpn engineering.

And no, I am not gonna ask him any questions.


Sure…uh…except for the UK. They seem to dislike encryption in computing.

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There are various BSD-based Open Source systems that fit that description. And I’m sure a (unfortunately small) percentage of former Juniper buyers are now rolling their own.

Good beginning, certainly. What about hardware specifically designed to make the malware more difficult to hide? Auditable BIOS, boot ROMs that can be write-protected with a jumper…?

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