HEADWATER: NSA program for sabotaging Huawei routers over the Internet


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No wonder the gubmint was so freeking keen to label Huawei as dirty goods.


What a tic
First, one group says Huawei routers have back doors installed by the Chinese government. Then we learn there are real back doors but it wasn’t the Chinese government who installed them, it was ours.


I’m actually going to float a third alternative: it was both.


my favorite part:

The cover name for this joint project is TURBOPANDA.

I am not the sort to worry about this stuff, but I have been looking at my router with suspicion. Especially after my ISP insisted we buy a new Cisco. We worry about keeping our computers secure and then plug them into those things without thinking about it.

Am I wrong to see it that way?

Maybe the NSA discovered Chinese backdoors in the firmware when they were inserting their own, but couldn’t say how they found it because that would reveal what they were doing.

I’ve reverse-engineered low-level software and it’s pretty easy to find things that aren’t what they’re supposed to be (the whole point of what I was doing was to find mistakes I could exploit … a pre-existing exploit would stick out like candy)


Well! You’re safe then. The NSA would never compromise a Cisco router. Only other brands - honest.


I wish there was a thumbs up button. You have made me feel much safer. :wink:

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Here’s some advice from the NSA:




Funny that you found that. I happened to be messing around in an online government library the other day and on a whim I searched for keyword “NSA”. The first hit was a document describing how internet users can make themselves safe from online prying eyes. Har-dee-har, NSA.

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I happened to be messing around in an online government library the other day and on a whim I searched for keyword “NSA”

I know.


Christ, that’s a creepy little gif you’ve got there. Time for a shower…and maybe a pizza!

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How did you know I ate pizza the other night? And, that I need a shower?


I’m picturing a panda bear with flames shooting out of its rear.

That, or it’s just a regular panda that moves slower when you turn off the turbo button… and, really, how often do the turbo buttons ever get turned off?

When you are trying to play Centipede.
…Or is that another NSA program?

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