Junkbot, junkbot, wherefore art thou, junkbot?

Continuing the discussion from Junkbots made from miscellaneous hardware:

Everytime I see the word “junkbot” I think it’s going to be some sort of electro-mechanical marvel toddling about, built from repurposed castoffs!

Like Robot K456 (see below)

or metamatics or auto-destructors by Jean Tinguely

or autonomous (drawing) machines or even bristlebots.

So, when I see it’s neither junk nor any-stretch-of-the-definition-bot, just a static (albeit manually poseable) sculpture in pristine machined steel… :::sigh:::

Things made from kipple, the cast-offs, the left-behinds, the forgottens. Not the purchased-from-big-box-store.

NB: those OP things are still cool; they’re just not… junk-y.

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Sometimes excess stock is discarded. Then even pristine steel parts become junk, despite not looking that way.

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