Just a little hamster hanging out in his tiny hamster house




Just saw this on Youtube :smile:

Video Link j.i.c. direct post not allowed.


You’re sure he doesn’t already have sponsorship? That was some pretty obvious product placement.


Brought a tear to my eye. My hamster escaped, and I found her in my daughter’s doll house, chillaxin’


Browsing the channel was quite entertaining. I loved the video titled “cutest mouse trick ever - pushing a doll buggy… but then the baby gets kidnapped!” This is the internet’s highest purpose no doubt.


Yeah - they’re great! Found 'em randomly. :slight_smile:


Oh come on – everybody knows rodents are just into Vans after they pandered to them by coming out with $265 Mickey Mouse themed sneakers.


I guess that he is too young to know about this site


Did you notice that “hamster dance” showed up while he was searching, though?


I must have missed it – post lunch doldrums had me fighting to keep my eyes open…


I am confused. I was shown a video about the pro go scooter. No hamsters. Is this a fb/okcupid-style experiment?


Seems like Atmosphere has a new video out…


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