Just like Amazon, Walmart now offers free next-day delivery

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Wally-World can stick where the sun don’t shine.


Sure glad capitalism continues to find ways to destroy the planet even more quickly.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5HOijUtExiM (of course I can’t find an article to go with it. :roll_eyes: )

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It doesn’t say who is making the deliveries. I hope this isn’t the plan they floated the last couple years where store employees make deliveries on their way home from work.


That would stink. Having them have their claws into you for extra work after your regular hours sounds ripe for abuse.

But it would have some interesting side effects. Any travel from Wal-Mart would be company travel and they would be liable workman’s comp in the case of a wreck or maybe even mileage, gas or wear and tear on your vehicle since you are on company business. I’d be surprised if they go that route. It’s a lot of labor but even more liability.


not to mention all this low-cost, high speed delivery comes at the expense of undercompensated amazon warehouse workers and delivery drivers – and USPS mailmen have to spend their sundays delivering amazon packages thanks to a deal signed a few years back


Wally, Bezos, Gargle, et al ain’t gonna deliver to my remote mountain hamlet for a long time. No cell service here. Robo-cars will crash on non-existent GPS-flagged roads. Human drivers will hang up on our gravel track’s rutty ravines. Unruly neighbors will fire upon intruders. Bears and pumas will devour survivors. No, I still gotta drive to town. That’s life.

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