Justices Alito and Thomas stand by the right of domestic abusers to bear arms

I’m sure you’re right. My point is that those gun owners I’ve personally encountered who didn’t have military training were uniformly not responsible ones. I’m sure there are exceptions to that, but I have yet to see one myself. This is all anecdotal observation on my part.

i cannot believe people are willing to cling to an, at best, ambiguous text, to defend a supposed right to ongoing, daily bloodshed. this “interpretation” is the number of one

I can believe it, unfortunately. Almost 30 years on the Internet has confirmed that some people’s identities are so unhealthily wrapped up in their weapons that they’ll destroy their reputations in the community by rehashing the same old stale, discredited arguments and talking points (many of them courtesy of a right-wing industry lobbying organisation so corrupt that even Oliver North couldn’t stand it).