Kafka and d'Annunzio, and the mysteries to be revealed in their former homes

There is something perverse and voyeuristic about visiting the private homes of famous people. Yet, as time goes by, I find the grand fame of public figures less interesting than their personal doings. I once visited the house where Kafka died, near Vienna. The barrenness of that sanatorium was so like the bareness and modesty… READ THE REST

Gabriela Mistral, the Nobel Prize winning poet from Chile, supposedly took her pen name because of her love for the poetry of d’Annunzio.

I heard about d’Annunzio from Hakim Bey’s book TAZ, where he extols the wonders of d’Annunzio’s anarcho-fascist “Italian Regency of Carnaro” in Fiume (now Rijeka), where music was declared the fundamental principle of the State.

shit, i knew he sounded familiar. i need to get a new copy of TAZ.

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