Kalamazoo criminalizes homelessness, arrests city commissioner and other activists

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I bet you these very same politicians will spout some garbage about being a good christian to their constituents, but don’t see a problem with this nonsense.


The Law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under the bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. – Anatole France


I wish there were more public servants like Shannon Sykes, who take an active interest in the affairs of the least supported members of society.


“Look, buddy, I’ve got problems of my own! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get a camel through the eye of a needle?!”


“Jesus wanted me to be happy, and looking at all these depressing homeless people is a violation of my god given right to be happy!”


Super weird that they can’t afford to house these people in apartments or even decent shelters, but they can afford to house them in jail, guard them 24/7, hire prosecutors to try them, etc


No, the charges will be dropped as soon as the cameras are off, and the undesirables will be put on a bus.


What’s really frightening is that this case will be used as precedent for mass arrests of homeless people across the country.

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Hey, look, they just weren’t protesting the right way! They should have taken over the park with a bunch of guns and trashed the place, then the cops would have left them alone for months and not bothered them. See? All better now.

What a fucked up mess humanity is…


You shall not camp in a state within a country that was colonized by European campers! Do you not know that they came here, built many mansions, paved many streets, and settled in straight away? Simple as that!

Quoted this on the /kzoo subreddit (the one for the city / county in question) early on in this ordeal. It’s amazing to me (as one of those freaky radical leftists who has this crazy “empathy” problem) the responses that I keep seeing. To be clear, there are some significant accusations regarding abuse at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, which is pretty much the only significant homeless shelter in the area. Yet, almost without fail, the prominent responses are along the lines of “if you didn’t want to be preached to you should’ve gotten a job.” But it’s ok now, there are new plans for a (single) additional low-income housing complex in the works… it may be open as early as 2023!

Mostly correct; they were quickly released. From the jail on the other side of town, quite a ways away. I don’t have specifics on this situation, but no one else I’ve known (including myself, contempt-getting smartass that I am) has ever been provided with anything upon being released. There’s the highway business loop, good luck.

Ugh, sorry to seem like I’m spamming replies, but I don’t often have something so relevant on BB, and I wanted to clarify the other two as responses to other posters.

Please note that one of the things that set this off was when the Kalamazoo City Commission stated it was “decriminalizing some ordinance violations,” but when the text of said proposals was actually read, almost all of the changes involved additional and / or stricter regulations and criminal penalties for things such as sleeping in the park. It sucks bad enough to have such laws changed to make things harder on the homeless, but the way in which is was touted as being about deregulation was wholly farcical and disingenuous to the extreme.

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It’s Michigan, so it isn’t like it’s all that expensive a proposition.

Also, it’s Michigan, so get these people in shelter before winter.

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Well… to be fair, the protestors didn’t show up with superior weapons technology and then proceed to decimate the local population committing genocide (including the use of biological weapons).

Maybe they would have been better received if that had occurred.

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