Kamala Harris policy generator

Yesterday, I announced that, as president, I’ll establish a cryptocurrency program for gamers who open a hotel that operates for 17 days in an undisclosed location.

Spot on


I had been on the fence about Harris until I heard former PUC head Loretta Lynch talk about how CA Attorney General Kamala Harris gave a pass to Public Utilities Commission corruption, instead of filing indictments in the case of the PGE-caused fire that destoyed Paradise, & many other communities.

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Seriously. If you are going to hand out literally trillions of dollars, why exactly is it going as a one time payment to people with college degrees? Why not me, someone who had their finances ruined by having to take out high interest private loans and so spent pretty much his entire working career pay that shit off? Why does everyone else get a free ride with their already low interest government loans that I didn’t get?

But an even better question is why the fuck you would give this money to anyone with a college degree in their pocket? There are a bunch of people in this country who could use that money a lot more. People with a college degree in their pocket are some of the more well off citizens.

If you want to stoke rural resentment to an all time high, give away a few trillion dollars to college students while talking about reperations for slavery. Honestly, I don’t think I could imagine a policy more designed to antagonize than that. It’s dumb policy.

If you want to spend a few trillion on helping people, help them based upon need. People with a college degree are not the most needy.

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There’s no arguing with resentment. The fact is that social mobility seems to be higher and income inequality lower where there are no tuition fees. Free university helps the poorest people more than it helps the richest people…

The “Why spend public money on a thing that doesn’t benefit me” way of thinking is the reason for the death spiral into oligarchy. People argue they shouldn’t pay taxes for public schools because they don’t have kids (or even more horrendously because their kids already graduated). They argue that there shouldn’t be universal health coverage because they have good insurance from their employer. Jeff Bezos could probably pay road crews to pave the way to anywhere Bezos personally wanted to travel, so why spend public money on roads or bridges?

If you demand better for yourself then your own logic means someone else will shout you down. Somehow we were convinced that you should defect every time even in iterative prisoner’s dilemma. If everyone stopped voting in their own interests entirely and simply voted for the politician that would help the most people things would get better fast (and then after a decade or two that would start getting gamed and people would have to course correct the other way).


I agree %100. Free university. Find a way to pay for it, and I’m on-board. Have Regan-era tax rates for billionaires would be a good start. But forgiving debt that was already signed up for just doesn’t square with me. I think free housing would be awesome, too. So can I get my mortgage canceled?

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