Kansas classifies homosexuality as adult content in extreme age verification law

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God damn it, do better, Kansas.


that didn’t take long.

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reply to my own comment…

first trans, then gays. the net keeps expanding, swallowing everyone who doesn’t fight.


Trans people have been fighting back. Most people just ignore us.


There is never a case where people don’t fight back against their own oppression… @mspie500 notes, trans people ARE fighting back. Black people have and do fight back. Native Americans have and do fight back. Jews fought back during the Holocaust. The palestinians are fighting back. etc.

This is merely yet another dangerous trope that covers over history is that any particular group just accepted their fate and are therefore partly responsible for their own destruction. Don’t be that guy, maybe?


if it means anything, i didn’t have much of an opinion before. but i have recently started to support your efforts whole-heartedly. you have my attention and support.


Lets be clear: It is always attempt to erase queer people from society. I expect Hayes codes next. This is Kansas after all though. I lived in Topeka for years in the 90s and had to watch those fucking Phelps Westboro Baptist church fucks protesting my existence every few days driving to work.


Until the idea that the only people who need to fight back in a meaningful and consequential way are the ones who are directly impacted by the removal of their personal individual rights falls by the wayside and we recognize that we must be willing to fight to the point of personal loss for other people who we may not even personally know over problems we may never personally experience… until that point I think we are fucked.

Can people get it yet or do more of us have to die first?


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