Keep an eye out for the "Moon Trees" growing on planet Earth

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Be careful of your sources for Moon Trees. I’ve looked at the wikipedia list and spot several there that have been listed elsewhere as Second Generation Moon Trees, grown from cutting/seeds taken from the original set of Moon Trees. It’s a shame that the records are so vague, but many of the original trees were doled out as political favors, and some folk have simply lied about their tree’s backgrounds to gain attention.


No noticeable differences have been detected



The wiki article mentions that all the species taken up where ‘southern or western’ species and as a result many of the northeastern US states don’t have a moon tree in them, which is a bummer.


There seems to have been some connection to these trees with the astronomy world. The University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory did a good bit of work on the moon project. There’s a moon tree planted there (a couple blocks from where I’m sitting). I should ask my friend who worked at the UA Tree Ring Lab (a local invention related to astronomy) if they ever took core samples of that tree.


I’m guessing they did not receive sufficient radiation time. Not much seems to have been made about it but the Chinese certainly had good results with seeds placed in earth orbit for a time. Bigger crop yields and larger fruit from Capsicums (for instance) and rice varieties. I’m sure other nations have also done it. I believe there is also an earthbound technique that achieves similar results.

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Let me guess - tree covid, right?

That’s right. You’re an excellent speller.

It wouldn’t take many trees that give 4K shade to cool a place.
The penumbra of their shadow giving little respite, just a shadow box ‘not that much less shady’ affirmation to victims.
Probably took the Gerrish-Chung Family that one time.
The gentle rustling of blown airlocks through their leaves.

Pilgrims visit near them to lock their periods to the inexorable reliability of 1:80 Earth’s mass,
then nope right out of there to their own body’s refuge,
or not feeling luckier.
If you’re real lucky you can come to term in 8 or 10 months with a kid whose long cold fingers are maybe fey or something.

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Darn, none listed in Colorado where I live. And the one in Flagstaff, AZ, where our son lives was murdered 3 days after planting. Bummer.


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