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Jason Weisberger imagines a near-future where Google gets a little too eager to please.


This just sounds like Google being actually useful with its data-integration. Soooo, how do I upload my list again?


I love the smell of utopia in the morning.


Signing up with a Google account, I realize how omnipresent is Google. He is everywhere and he could actually kill (or at least leave people kill themselves)… I liked the story, but it was… too easy. I knew what was happening from the start and it left me there… I wonder what would happen if the girl put him in a list? would he be able to survive? how would he stop Google to killing the only woman he ever loved, or if he finally manage to contact Google on the phone…


I expected a SWAT raid from surveillance not getting a joke, not a happy ending!


My real fear is when some smartypants feeds Yellow Pages dot com to Google Kill.


If only Arya Stark had access to this kind of service.


Wouldn’t that just kill local businesses? The white pages would be worse, but preferentially target older people with landlines (as cell phones aren’t listed)




I don’t think the author gives Google enough credit. It’s long been established that kill-lists are OK as long as you have some kind of review process written down somewhere where these things can be rubber stamped. You can’t hold Google accountable for somebody not reading the EULA!


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