Kickstarter hires journalist to investigate failed drone campaign


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Are they Kickstartering a documentary about failed Kickstarters?


But then who Kickstarts the Kickstarted Kickstarter?


That’ll be an IndieGoGo film.


The Kickstartmen.


This should be interesting to see. Out of 45+ KS and another 10 or so IndieGoGo projects, I have only had one project fail to deliver.


It’s Kickstarts all the way down.


Is this the future of journalism? If this becomes a trend, how can we tell the muckrakers from the shills?


That’s obvious: the muckrakers write all of the negative stories, and the shills write all of the positive stories.


Would be great if the journalist runs off with kickstarter’s money and fails to produce a finished article.


Or the article is simply “This. This is how thing can go wrong! Muah-ha-hah!”


:notes: This is the project that will not end, it just goes on and on my friend.
Someone kickstartered it not knowing what was, now we all keep kickstarting it forever just because… :notes:


That’s a terrific idea. The journalist should consider a wiki about the steps of the investigation.


Evil me is looking forward to DIY instructions on how to get away with, well, stealing? >3M USD.


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